IGG and FSU Sign R & D Partnership Agreement

img_fsu-614x640by  • February 14, 2017

Fayetteville State University has entered into a partnership agreement with INGATEYGEN (IGG), LLC.  The agreement targets the expanding research, education, and innovation productivity in the Department of Biological Sciences at Fayetteville State University.

IGG is an agriculture biotech company that is developing an Allergen Reduced Peanut (ARP) plant, while providing many other services to industry, including: (1) nutritional composition labeling, (2) Non-allergens and Non-GMO labeling, (3) testing for pesticides, fertilizers and other agrochemicals, and (4) testing for plant tissues, soil and water quality. In recent years, FSU has aspired to develop strong STEM programs, build an innovative culture, promote innovative thinking, and promote economic development in Fayetteville and in southeastern North Carolina. Thus, the collaboration between the two entities has the potential to provide many new educational and economic benefits.

Under the agreement, the research activities performed by the FSU-IGG alliance will:

  • Enhance FSU’s expertise in plant biotechnology and other plant science areas;
  • Increase the number of funded proposals and patents submitted through the Department of Biological Sciences at FSU;
  • Train students in plant tissue culture and transformation, molecular biology and genetic engineering, while help to increase the number of students pursuing degrees in biology and other STEM fields;
  • Build capacity for graduate level courses;
  • Support local faculty and scientists to mature research projects from the lab bench to the market;
  • Enable faculty to win SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) funding from Federal agencies; and
  • Enhance the entrepreneurial spirit at FSU for the benefit of faculty and students.

According to Dr. Jon Young, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, “This partnership is an important step forward for FSU. It will support FSU’s strategic plan by building partnerships with industries and the local community, increasing intellectual properties, and supporting the expansion of student services.”

Dr. Daryush ILA, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer at FSU, was the initiator of the agreement.  Dr. ILA stated, “This industry and university partnership is a great step in the right direction and it could not have been accomplished without the full support of Dr. Young, Provost, Dr. Abdelmajid Kassem, chair of the FSU Department of Biology, and Dr. Hortense Dodo, owner and CEO of IGC.”

IGG owns the patent for the process that produces allergen-free peanuts, and has plans to expand the process to address other allergy producing foods and plants as part of its partnership with the researchers at Fayetteville State University.

For more information, contact Dr. Daryush ILA at dila@uncfsu.edu.

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